Why Do Some See the Mandela Effect and Others Don’t (new info)

Hi Everybody,

Jazweeh had a meditation (in Christ prayer & silent listening) today, I will get right into it in her words.

I asked God in meditation what it means regarding salvation if some see the changes in the world (Mandela effect) and some don’t.

He said regarding those that do see:  Some are saved and some are not.  This means seeing the changes even in the Bible does not necessarily mean salvation is eminent.  I will tell you why.

He also said as for those who do not see at least some of the changes they cannot possibly be saved YET.  Meaning they could still get saved.

He gave me this info.  There are two ways to be able to see the changes.  One, that you are sealed by the seal of The Father and your name is written in the “Lambs Book of LIfe” obviously these are the saved that see.

The second way to see the changes is by having lots of natural quartz and other crystals of the earth, such as those crystals  written of in the book of Revelation describing the pearly gates and the construction of Heaven itself.

Those who are protected by a crystal grid may be so by Christ’s design and they may be the last of the called who will accept Christ in the final days (this part is deduced theory).  These crystals have protected the memories of those who see the changes yet are not saved.  Many of these people are new age believers and even atheists.  Keep in mind some geographical areas have such rocks in the earth either surrounding their location or below.

What this means to me is that the human race is being tinkered with by diabolical men and fallen angels who have figured out we are electrical creatures and our brains can be altered by frequencies, to a point.

The reason people get angry when you try to point out the changes to them is that their neural pathways have been altered by the horned towers called cell towers.  Look at it like this, certain natural directives (meaning which path to take and when) of the neural pathways mapping and routes in the brain are re-configured and programmed to be initiated by certain verbal triggers.  When the unaffected person hears a variation of a number of certain Mandela effect related truths the re-mapping kicks in.   So instead of the unaffected listening and learning and remembering their real reality, they are instead programmed to switch off to the fight or flight response.  Once they are in that response they cannot learn.  Every manipulation of changes that have occured which are the “lying signs and wonders” written of in the real Bible trigger fight or flight hence, they believe the lie, the new reality is a lie being implemented by black magic sorcery at a very high spiritual level.

This is the epitome in mind control and they have accomplished it in those people who do not have the crystal grid protection or the seal of God Himself in their brain.

Yes, Satan is sitting in the Holy place regarding Bibles and regarding the sacred “Crista-Gali”  where the seal of God sits in our forehead.  See more on that at link below.


One more footnote.  The sorcerer who has done this is himself worshipped as a god because of his power.  I believe he is human but coached by the fallen angels.  He, this sorcerer did not know that there would be those who would remember the real reality.  It was not supposed to happen that way.  But God protects those who know His voice and hear Him.  The sheep hear His voice.  The sorcerer and those who he works with have 50% of YouTube maybe more infiltrated with wolves.  The wolves are set up to trick true believers into taking the mark of the beast.  They give us much truth to gain our trust so they can dish out the big lie at a latter date.  BEWARE.  More on that in my next article.


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