Update On Prediction of Turkey’s Wrath of God Event 2019 and The God of War

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Second update 09-10-2021

Not a far stretch says my husband when I told him the prediction was fulfilled.  Well I predicted the financial harm would come to the ancestral line of the elites who slaughtered and genocided Christians at the fall of the Ottoman empire.  Fire has ravaged the very beach resorts that Jazweeh predicted would befall disaster.  The very town predicted.

https://newsbeezer.com/india/watch-furious-forest-fires-sweep-across-several-parts-of-turkey/    (Oludeniz)


Wrath of God Prediction 1st article details here

Who is The God of War?

The God of War is a High Level (demon ruler of sorts) Demonic entity that transcends time.  The God of War inhabits powerful men from generation to generation consequently history repeats itself by these possessed humans.  It has a demon hoard which it commands.  These demons follow the dark demonic ruler through time and space from powerful wealthy man to man to inhabit and control them.  These men are haunted within their own hearts and minds.  The God of War was once an angel.  Now it commands demons and humans.

How is it men commit unspeakable acts of brutality, rape, murder, genocide, and fearful slaughter?  They are possessed by demonic forces who have been inhabiting rulers for eons.  Why does history repeat itself over and over?  It is controlled by the same demonic forces over and over.  One man dies and the next rises up to take in the same demon of his predecessor.  War for profit and the military industrial complex DID have a restrainer keeping back the worst army hoards from mankind to a point.

No more.  The restrainer in the natural has been put down only so another much worse warmonger can take control of three armies.  See the three armies here.

They are slaves to sin and the lust for blood as they ravage the innocent.  Such a hate is unparalleled and such a hate can only be squashed by The Spirit of God and God Himself.

Hail NOW to the coming of our Lord who WILL squash every demonic force who have stolen our Earth and it’s peace.  War for profit will be a thing of the past.

But first….Turkey will experience a wrath of God event.  So is the prediction by the leading of The Spirit….if it doesn’t happen this year my timeline was wrong.  But it will happen.

The Article

The prediction given here on 4-16-19 for 2019 in detail reads that Olu Deniz, Turkey and its other surrounding ritzi beach side resorts will incur a wrath of God event due to the slaughter of God’s people by the Ottoman empire.  Apparently the land was given to Christians by God and taken from them brutally.  Today the rich who own those resorts are the inheritors of the spoil with blood on their hands through generations.

I find it VERY interesting that The New York times just put out this article today 04-23-19 called “Turkey’s Killing Fields”.

This article is further confirmation to me as to why the wealthy of Turkey’s plunder and land crab of the 1920’s against Christians will be avenged by The Most High God, Creator of The Heaven’s and The Earth.

The article states “The fate of Assyrian Christians, of whom 250,000 or more may have perished, is also examined, in less detail.”

Bottom line: I don’t believe ANYTHING put out by the beast system from the new york times website.  Furthermore, they are harolding some book (I won’t mention) about the incidents of death of Christians no doubt so they can steal the narrative to their twisted advantage. “let no disaster go to waste” in the words of Hilary and other puppets on the image of the beast.

Bottom line after reading the article about the book at the link at top of page is this.


I am beginning to think that there is still and has always been a world wide international slaughter going on by somebody who hates true faith and is very powerful.  Come soon Lord of Lord, King of King’s….Please Come soon and set this world right as no human can.

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