The Coming of The New Earth is Near

Another Vision of the New Earth

Alabaster Box by Julie Meyer

There a likely  some 144 who are not intercessors who pray in many tongues many languages.  They would likely have another msg given by someone more like them in their calling.   Perhaps some day we too shall meet.

To the women of Revelation 12

To the Intercessors who know who they are.  The intercessors who know the travail of the woman.  We picked up where one another left off.  None of us were perfect in our submission to God & intercessory prayer.  We had a life to live when we had two feet on this Earth.  That is why God linked us together to pick up one another’s burdens when we dropped them.   Thank God for His grace to us.  But now, we have one foot only on this Earth and the other is in The New Earth that we know is soon to come.  Many of us shall be guardians to The New Earth to seed it.

A word by Jazweeh

I have seen over and over the living waters that bring eternal life & perpetual health.  They are coming closer and many shall have access to them.

But first many will sleep.  Not all shall sleep but we shall all be changed.  To be candid I hoped for an instant spontaneous transfiguration of my body and mind.  I hoped to be instantly in paradise.  I really did not want to undergo a spiritual process of transfiguration with a difficult trial accompanying it.  No I wanted the softer easier way.  But it seems God has his ways of allowing us to grow spiritually and supernaturally.

My latest vision showed me the rapture but not in the way I pictured it.  I once saw five Earth’s in a vision.  Each Earth was floating in space.  However I now believe in a stationary & fixed Earth.  Nevertheless the rapture of the 144,000 who are God’s warriors and workers shall be part of the dividing of time effect that we see now (strong delusion/mandela effects/supernatural bible changes/two moons/white sun w/bulbs etc.)  What do I mean?

We are already split from Earths main reality.  We are already divided from the goats by sight.  Do you see the two moons when you look up?   Do you remember things differently  than others?  God will finish the division and it will be complete.  The many will no longer see the few.

Not all who see M.E. are the chosen few.  However many are.  By now you should know who, and why you are the chosen few.  Otherwise what is to come would baffle you.

The rapture of the 144 shall be a transfer onto one of these other new unpolluted Earths.  The 144 are appointed to seed the New Earth and to be guardians over it.  More on that in a moment.

What will happen to the Bulk of Believers Who are Not 144?

Believers in Jesus are going to be kept safe.   They will not undergo the lake of fire and the great hazards of the Great Tribulation events.

Believers will go to their own paradise according to their heart.  Where your heart is their shall your treasure be also.  They shall go to a kind of paradise stasis. Each one of them kept safe to await judgement.

Unbelievers go to the halls of Amenti or otherwise called the halls of the dead.  Where they lose their memories and await judgement.  Nobody goes to hell until after judgement.

Those who remain on this Earth remain here so they will hopefully out of desperation finally cry out to God.  And He shall save them from the disaster and save their soul from Hell.

To the 144

What would life be without challenges and personal growth opportunities?  The New Earth shall have both.  However and THANK GOD all dark evil,  anything and everything dark/lies/illusions/deceptions shall be removed.  WE WILL NOT HAVE FEAR TO DEAL WITH ANYMORE thank God!  No more fear of the unknown.

So then, the SKY is the limit where our growth spiritually and bodily growth is concerned.  We shall grow and have some challenges.  But without the sometimes paralyzing deception that fear brings with any challenge. Without the illusions of a horrible future by consequences that never would happen anyway.  We will no longer believe the lies of dark fear of the future.  All darkness will be gone from the New Earth.  And likely never did exist on the New Earth.  That in itself shows a great transformation of our countenance.

Trials of fire will lose their fire.  We shall learn great lessons without the fear and pain.  Their shall be no remorse, guilt, pain, shame, fear or any emotion that springs from fear.

It’s just that things will be more gradual than we suspected.  My guide says we are being changed somewhat gradually so we are not shocked by rapid change.  The 144 have already undergone great changes starting with 2012 and especially from 2017 forward.  We shall incur a great change when we land on New Earth but from then on changes shall again be gradual.  Except of course being in a supernatural realm of The New Earth the word “gradual” means something very different than if you said “gradual” on this Earth.  So once we are there things shall be MUCH MUCH BETTER.  Once we get through our very first walk about.  There first walk about may be somewhat of a learning experience.  But again “no fear”.

After all the 144 know what fear is they do not have to pretend to be fearless.  That is part of being in Truth & wearing the belt of Truth.  We do not allow the beast to shame us for our unavoidable human condition.  Not anymore.

We the 144, most of us, see the Mandella Effects, supernatural bible changes, and many other things.  We see the prophesies of Jesus.  We see those under the strong delusion who have lost their memories and are consummated to the locust.  We saw the wing of abomination and the desecration of the holy bible.  God showed as all these things to prepare us gradually for the New Earth.  So when He covers us with a supernatural blanket and we then find ourselves on a different Earth we will know, then as well as we are known by Him.  Love Faith, and Hope shall we bring with us but it will be transformed anew Hope.

If you are 144 you know this.  These changes have been to prepare us for the coming great changes.  Father says we will have a trial (absent of fear) when we leave this Earth.  We will be somewhat lost and alone.  All devices gone.  All people gone.

For those already alone who may only have one person around the occasionally this is not a hard or shocking thing.  But most people on Earth cannot relate to preferring isolation.  They would likely faint if they were suddenly to find themselves all alone without human assistance.


But the 144 prefer isolation.  This has been for their protection and to prepare them for The New Earth.  The 144 don’t go to stasis. They Love Truth and prefer to have Truth even at the cost of difficulties.  Granted they do not like difficulty but they side with Truth and so they are chosen for seeding the New Earth.

We shall simply call on God and put one foot in front of the other.  We shall be lead to the great place that we now see in visions.  Beside the purple rocks we shall find our home for 1,000 years.  Eternity is ours by the prayers of, “God’s will be done in our lives.”   This will be a joyous work.  This shall be our greatest calling of fulfillment and continual enlightenment for a thousand years we shall grow and change along with the New Earth.

The 144 know well why God chose them for this job.  They know well what their whole life has been about.  They now can look back and see each test, each lesson, each trial of fire that carved out their heart.  They became the clay in God’s hands.  That is the key.  To be the clay is to be someone Father can work on and mold & form.  They are no better than anyone else.  They probably most sinned more than others on their prodigal walk.  But by the prodigal walk they did learn God’s mercy, Love, & Grace.  You see.  To become the clay is to search seek find.

The 144 Are Warriors & Children

Father gave supernatural gifts to all His 144.  We felt great power surge through us in our prayers of warfare.  By visualization God showed us the power of God in us.  Then we had to be brought low lest pride take us down.  As children we came to God in humility even knowing great power.

This is a balance that cannot be attained except in the Spirit by relying on God Himself.  Absolute power corrupts.  The 144 are tempered by God so His power does not corrupt them.

On the New Earth Faith will no longer be a thing.  Why?  We shall know as well as we are known.  As if we were in Heaven, we shall know God, hear Him, and feel His presence.  Faith was how the 144 lived their lives on Earth. Often they were in prayer but seldom if ever seeing direct results.  Yet they pushed on never giving up on prayer or God ever.  Those days are nearly done.

Travail, travail, travail, burdens, and sorrow said the Revelation 12 women of their burden for souls.  And now the annunciation.  But the annunciation fades from prayer after years.  Next the blanket of protection.  Then the transfer, we shall go from this place before it burns.

We shall no longer live by Faith.  Hope will not be placed in the same things as it is now.  We shall Hope anew.

Jesus will be in us as Jesus was.

We will know when it happens.  We shall not see the Lake of fire or the destruction of mankind.  The horrors will be on the old earth for those who need to cry out to Jesus to be saved.



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