Men’s Hearts Shall Fail for Fear of What Comes Up On the Earth

Jazweeh Had a Vision


This will be hard to believe and scary.  I am Jazweeh the anointed of God.  I am one of the Revelation 12 woman, we are but a few.  The Few.

Father activated us in 2017 there about.  Father is The Most High God Creator of the Heavens and The Earth itself.  The end of days is real.  The end of days signs are many.

Every time I drove the car on a highway I saw the crosses put up by the beast system.  I learned that they are put up by the beast system.  Not families at least on the most part.

The crosses are always on main highways and always a distance apart.

They are markings of alleged car crashes where people supposedly died by accidental wrecks.

And perhaps that part is true, perhaps people did die at those highway shrines.   But its likely they did not die in the way we think-a random car crash.

If the crosses are connected to some ritual then maybe those deaths were no accident.  Maybe the deaths (not marked by families or grieved loved ones) are marked by beast system crosses & flowers are actually sacrifices of the innocent to be used for a powerful incantation.

Some of the highway grave sights even have lights you can see at night with solar panels.

Have you or I even known the beast system to act with care and benevolence spending its own money out of Love?  Hell no!  Why would the system take money and time to carry out a Christian tradition with good intentions?  Answer-It wouldn’t.

So then perhaps these crosses mark the sacrifices of the innocent to The Beast himself.  Perhaps. But what if there is a deeper reason and meaning to their shrines.  There is always a method to the madness.

I drove one night recently.  That dark night a month ago approx.  I saw a very thick black cloud mass, so thick it hovered like a coffin or more accurately like a large sarcophagus over the low lying grass in the median of the highway.

I felt also the cloud was a portal straight to Hell itself.

Over and over I got a strange feelings about these highway shrines.  The crosses did not make sense to me.  Until the information came to me today, putting two and two together.

In the very spot where I saw the black mass cloud portal (I am pretty certain it was the exact spot) during daylight hours I saw one of their dressed up death shrines.  Then it came to me, says Jazweeh, these shrines will become the very doors that accommodate the demons passageway straight from the depths of Hell up onto Earth.  Every cross must be eradicated in a way that is stealth.

No we cannot stop the apocalypse, it is God’s will that the gathering occur and souls are carried to their appointed eternal homes at the appointed time.

But!  For those who plan to stay on Earth until the New Earth is ushered in, (and you know who you are) The fewer demonic invaders we have to contend with, the better.

Side note, If your meant to stay then you should or would have been shown how to destroy, crush, annihilate, demons and you would have been given certain weapons if its your calling.  Or perhaps your not a warrior but rather Love is your gift and your fully protected.  Still those around you need protection as well.

How to Close the Portals of Hell on the Highway Near Your Home

First put on the full armor of God and cloak yourself from evil and prying eyes of the wicked.  Make yourself invisible in flesh & in spirit.

You will need to find consecrated ground.  Ground that was blessed years back by true believers of the undefiled gospel of Jesus.  Ground that is chosen and deemed Holy.  These places with Holy ground are few and far between.  Some old churches have holy ground.  Some old grave yards have been deemed holy.  Pray and God will lead.  Sometimes there are true believer Catholic priests who provide authentic holy water and have power over demons.  In that case if your sure you can use that Holy water to create holy ground in a spot of true worship.

Take a shovel full of the dirt from the Holy ground and put it in a container.

Speak with the higher language the prayer to bind and close the portal (or pray in English alternatively).  Pour the ground over the cross itself at the site of the shrine.

Make anointing oil, use the Mighty Name of Jesus by Faith & by Hope while embracing Love for your fellow man in your heart.  Picture protecting the innocent from the demons that would emerge from the said portal.

Pray over the oil and invoke the full armor of God including the prayers of the saints over yourself and then anoint the cross/shrine.  Sing praises to Jesus over the shrine while laying hands on it.  Clap your hands and visualize the explosion that destroys the curse and hex spell creating the doorway.

When Will The Gates of Hell Open and the Gathering Begin?

If you are one who awaits rapture with great anticipation then you may or may not be taken up before the gates of hell open.  Prepare for the worst.  The gates will likely open soon.  Maybe 2022 or maybe sooner.  When demons manifest on earth at night horrifying the masses you will know the tribulation has begun.  Figure from April 2024 backward 3 years not 3 1/2.  Uh-oh.

That means in theory the gates will open on the 15th of April 2021.  In two days.

Keep in mind the doorways of darkness can be shut at anytime.  It’s just much easier to do so before the entities are plaguing mankind with fear and monsters.

Keep in mind the creature that will be able to manifest corporally partially can only strike fear to cause self harm.  They cannot touch you.  But many shall see the monsters and Sercombe to great fear causing their own death or injury.

The timeline is a GUESS not a prophecy or vision or prediction.



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