How to apply The Armor of God in our lives

How to apply the armor of God in real-time

  1. Prayer in The Spirit
  2. The sword of the Spirit
  3. The shield of faith
  4. The belt of truth
  5. The breastplate of righteousness
  6. Feed shod with the good news of the gospel of peace
  7. The Helmet of Salvation

“Resist the devil and he will flee.” We pray God to help us do what He commands. “Rejoice in The Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart” Praise is a MIGHTY TOOL OF GOD. Praise God when you feel the worst.

Put prayer and meditation in Christ to work in your life.  Prayers is the primary armor the seventh armor we must not forget especially praying in the spirit.

Tame the tongue by the power of God in you and relying.

Fast and pray

Don’t be the devil’s advocate by playing “accuser of the brethren”.

Criticism is a character flaw and beats down the brethren.

Start binding demons when you recognize them. God didn’t give you the gift of discernment for accusation sake.

Be empathic. Try to relate to people instead of seeing differences this is “giving” and shows Love.


Shield of Faith is your shield. When fear crops up AND IT WILL as it is part of the human condition and natural/carnal apply faith by remembering the “all things work together for the good for those who Love The Lord” Think about how things can work out according to God’s promise. Then step out in faith and do not allow fear to paralyze your loving actions.

The Helmet of the Hope of Salvation should always be a feather in your cap BY THOUGHT. The Helmet of THE Hope of Salvation is our application of hopeful thoughts, when things look bleak. WE TURN TO HOPE TO ENCOURAGE OUR HEART. We guide our thoughts to hope. This is the helmet ON YOUR HEAD INVOLVING THOUGHT. Bring the armor TO LIFE! Share that hope and think on it. Live your life by it. It is your armor.

They overcame by the blood of The Lamb and the word of their testimony.
The good news of the Gospel of Peace *shod* on our feet. This is our testimony of what Christ has done for us, and most importantly what Jesus can do for those who embrace the Truth. If you don’t have anyone to tell your testimony too, write it down and post it. Or tell it to a cow or pet. Lol. This action is to prep you for sharing it openly with those around you. Often people are timid and need to work up to sharing their truth openly.  We are programmed at heart level to be ashamed of our deepest truths.  This keeps us in bondage as the Truth sets us free.  What Truth?  The Truth in our heart.  Use the fifth step of the 12 steps to begin sharing your truth. If the listener is not encouraging and empathic they do not deserve to hear your pearls of truth, find someone who is more Loving and relates to you.  Relating is healing. Why? Because programming has always told us that our truth is stupid, or wrong, or just irrelevant so we then hide behind a mask of fake realities and status quos. Step 12 can be used for you to share your truth.   Your testimony is VITAL to your over-coming the beast system of this earth. Share you heart when you get the chance so others will see that their ideas are not stupid because they will relate to your truth.

The good news of the Gospel of Peace is that Jesus came here to give us life that we may have life more abundantly through Him.  He has left us The Comforter, The Holy Spirit.

So we have here yet another ACTION that is the armor of God. We are saved by Grace. Then we learn painstakingly to rely on God. We know that by our own merit we are screwed. But by the same token WE HAVE CHOICES to make. Our choices can make or break us. Personally I had to ask Jesus to save me EVEN FROM MYSELF. And He said “Since you have asked this, yes I will save you even from yourself”.

Breastplate of Righteousness

We are righteous by the works of Christ and our faith in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Now, the breastplate that protects us is our stance in Christ. It is a state of mind, a belief system. It is the knowledge of our salvation by the supernatural works of Christ on the cross. If we are standing on our own goodness in warfare we will fail. The power comes when we realize we are good because Jesus said we are…period. Then we battle, then we overcome, then we smash the enemy under foot.

Helmet of the Hope of Salvation.  This is the hope you hold in your heart to be delivered by God from death and fear.

Sword of the Spirit is Jesus The Word of God and His words to us.  We hide these sacred words in our heart.  You Love the Truth.  Your are blessed in that way.  Pray you not be deceived.  When we read God’s words from scripture (if the Bible is not corrupt and changed) they encourage us and agree with our heart at soul level.  We recognize the words as freeing truth and they feed Love to our soul.  The Words protect us from evil.  Start with The Lords Prayer.  Use it in step eleven prayer as a mantra.

“These things I do you shall do and greater things shall you do.”

Blessings and praises be to God our Lord who shall deliver us from this body of death.


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