Battle of Evermore Led Zepplin Decoded



Today’s Dream. God let me know that the ancient prophecies that have been stolen from the Christian believers in Christ and from those who have a true heart of Love for God and their neighbor are hidden in certain Rock Songs especially LED ZEPPELIN this is why many are programmed to say Led Zeppelin is Satanic so you won’t catch on.  I have been given the interpretation just as any other true believer is given.

Colors and Keys

#2 I have sited some M.E. changes

#3 Green is commentary

#4 Red is the song words


Queen of Light took her bow  I am sorry people I fully expect AGAIN to be labelled “Satanic”.  But you have been sold a bill of goods.  Time to wake up to the MOST infused brain control bullshit.  What part of God having a queen is so bad?  REALLY?  How about a queen who does not want to be The Most High God.  How about a Queen of HEaven.  This is a perfect parallel to Man made in God’s image and Eve.  The Church wants you blind and shoved down your throat some of the best parts of God as being EVIL.

And then she turned to go, She left Jesus alone.  She had to

The Prince of Peace embraced the gloom

And walked the night alone. Jesus took the walk of crucifixion alone.  It was horrible, but it was for us and for a better end as He is alive now you can bet on that and HE volunteered to do so.

Oh, dance in the dark of night, Christ entered the bowels of the grave and took the keys to death and hell.

Sing to the morning lightThe veil was rent, the sun went black the day of Christ’s death.

The dark Lord rides in force tonight

And time will tell us all Yes time is telling us now, the days will be shortened and that is how we will know we are in end times.  That night of Christ’s death was Satan’s glory so he thought, so he thought.

Oh, throw down your plow and hoe,

Rest not to lock your homes.  Two will be in the field, one taken, when you see the events prophesied in Daniel and 2nd Thess. do not go into the house to collect your goods.  Flee to the mountains if you live in Jerusalem.  Why?  There, there are those who say they are Jews and are not.  They lie.  I think God is pissed and He is going to level Jerusalem.

Side by side we wait the might

Of the darkest of them all.There are those, as we know who worship Satan and wait earnestly for his son t appear.

I hear the horses’ thunder Four Horsemen Should say “voices of thunder”

Down in the valley blow,(should say “below’) Hell and the fallen angels (voices) reside in the Earth

I’m waiting for the angels of Avalon,

Waiting for the eastern glow.  Jesus will come on the clouds in the Eastern sky as told in Mathew 12 I think it is.

The apples of the valley hold,

The seas of happiness,  The apples of God’s eye will bring Him praise regularly.  For surely if the called and the few chosen would not praise Jesus and The Father the rocks and the tree or flowers (something) would rise up and praise.

The ground is rich from tender care,

Repay, do not forget, no, no. (should say which they should not forget M.E.)

Oh, dance in the dark of night,

Sing to the morning light.

The apples turn to brown and black, the tyrant’s face is red.  Satan worship, worship of the gods, the great falling away of the sheep bible prophecy, the antichrist will sport a red face from time to time.(Trump?)  I had a strong feeling of confirmation when I put the “red face” together with Trump.

Oh war is the common cry, pick up you swords and fly.  Lockheed Martin and the military industrial complex have turned war/death of the innocent into profit $$.

The sky is filled with good and bad

That mortals never know.  We battle not against flesh and blood but against powers, principalities in high places.

Oh, well, the night is long, the beads of time pass slow,

Tired eyes on the sunrise, waiting for the eastern glow. Many sheep grow weary and sleep, they have lost their first Love.  They do not see the signs in the skies and the world.  They are weary of waiting for The Savior to return and avenge the injustice on the Earth, and so they quit focusing and praying about it.

The pain of war cannot exceed

The woe of aftermath,

The drums will shake the castle wall,

The ring wraiths ride in black, ride on.

Sing as you raise your bow,

Shoot straighter than before. Because of war for profit many suffer great loss.   NOW IS THE rising up of Christ’s army.  Those who know how to battle in the spiritual realm are rising up even now.  Those who know they have the same Holy Spirit that Christ Himself had.  “These things I do you shall do and greater shall you do.” Christ’s army will bring down the elite oppressor’s even before Christ’s return.  And not only that, they create a way for the antichrist…by crashing those in power by spiritual warfare. Even now many have begun to fall however you will not see this on CNN or YouTube.  God’s Lion’s are protected and hidden on the most part.  His army are some of the 144,000.

No comfort has the fire at night fire was meant for our comfort it is magic to us yet we have lost its comfort except the occasional candle and bonfire.

That lights the face so cold.

Oh dance in the dark of night,

Sing to the mornin’ light“Praise Him now seek Him now while it is still light (metaphorically light)”

The magic runes are writ in gold

To bring the balance back, bring it back. Jesus will bring perfect balance back and I do not mean of good and evil.  The perfect balance in the Earth of it’s creatures, plants, humans and so on.  All good, all natural, Eden.

At last the sun is shining, the clouds of blue roll by,  No more tears, no more sorrow

With flames from the dragon of darkness

The sunlight blinds his eyes.  The dragon is cast into darkness and chains.  The light of God is on the earth and the dragon would be blinded from it if he were to escape.

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